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ZOË 100% Human Hair Full Hand Tied Fake Mustache Handlebar Beard for Entertainment/Drama/Party/film/costume Prop False Whiskers

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100% Genuine Human Hair Full Hand Tied Fake Mustache
for Entertainment/Drama/Party/Movie Prop


This item is made with original invisible swiss lace, each strand of hair is hand tied on to fine swiss lace, and made according to the average shape and size of human face. Natural hair luster and the moustache is indistinguishable from a real growing moustache when worn. Great for costumes, parties, theatres, films and other occasions.

Notice: For transport and customs declaration reasons, the adhesive glue is not included in this item, please try to buy it at your local area. Use professional glue and solvent “C-22”,such as “Greate White” and “MITY-TITE” from Walker company for suggestion.




Special order is acceptable: Any Design,Size, Color or Material can be customed as your desire

The Detail of Nets Back



How To Use:

  1. Shave your face and clean it.
  2. Dependent upon the size of your face, you may need to trim your moustache, so hold it in place dry and trim with sharp scissors if you need to. As the moustache is hand tied, do not trim it too short or too close to the knotting to avoid hair shedding.
  3. Make sure the position where the moustache will be put to.
  4. Apply the appropriate adhesive to the lace on moustache or gently pat small amount adhesive on your skin with fingers, wait for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Apply the moustache to your upper lip, start the middle first,then go to the both sides. Be careful to the same height.
  6. Press the moustache firmly for one minute with your fingers wrapped with gauze, it will look mat and more natural. (If the adhesive stay too much, take them away with cotton swab with remover or 95% medical alcohol.)
  7. After moustache is fixed firmly, comb the hair in order, and trim it, or do the simple fix with little gel.
  8. Use professional glue and solvent “C-22”,such as “Greate White” and “MITY-TITE” from Walker company for suggestion.



  1. Soak the moustache in the water with remover or alcohol for 15 minutes to take away the excessive glue or gel, then wash it and let it dry naturally.
  2. For the situation the shape of moustache changes due to long use and make up, fix the moustache with double sided tape on a curved template, and below dry it with temperature 1800W, you can use small teeth combs let hair go as the beginning, or fix it with little amount of gel.