ZOË Products International
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Salon & Barber Shop Funding

Need Funding for your Salon or Barber Shop?

Need funding to expand, grow, remodel or promote your existing salon or barbershop?  

ZOË Products International is an Independent Sales Organization now offering funding for existing salons or barber shops. We provide businesses with Unsecured Business Loan Alternatives called Merchant Cash Advances in 49 states and Business Loans in California.  Funding usually takes place in about 5 business days. We specialize in customized programs providing business owners with Unsecured Business Loan Alternatives on the terms that make the most sense for their business.                       

If you're interested and your business has been accepting credit card payments for at least 3 months OR you have been in business at least 6 months and you can provide 6 months of bank statements for and ACH withdrawals:


Please send us an email with your name & contact number to: zoebusinessloans@gmail.com