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The ZOË Hat is the perfect solution for your "Bad Hair Days" 

"The Hat that has interchangeable Human Hair attached to it"

                      Switch you hair out from straight to curly 

Have to run to the store unexpectedly?....grab your ZOË hat!

Got a call to pick the kids up from school?...grab your ZOË hat!

Got a last minute date? ...grab your ZOË hat!

Great for girls night out! Just grab you ZOË hat and head out!

Just having a "bad hair day"? ...it's okay just grab a ZOË hat! 

Coming from the beach or the pool? grab your ZOË hat!


Trendy cap with human hair attached! This hat gives the illusion of a person just wearing a cap with hair underneath, but the hair is actually attached to the cap. 

You can even switch your hair out from straight to curly...black to blonde...short to long!

Great for those undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss. Also great for hair loss due to alopecia or those that have suffered severe burns.

The Hair Loss Hat will help you feel a little more comfortable around family and friends and going out into the public.

Need to run out for a few errands or meet some friends? Grab your trendy Hair Loss Hat and make a run for it!

Hair Loss Hats comes in three basic colors: Black, Brown, Blonde


Texture: Haman/Wavy, Straight, Body Wave


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